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The Encounter


      Given her demure disposition and the proud but responsible manner in which she carried herself, the Nosferatu was inclined to believe her profession of innocence… but as the matter stood, the reports weren’t likely to be sheer works of fiction. The incidents had been documented and he was here not in order to investigate the legitimacy of the reports… no, that much had been confirmed. He was the hammer of the Hellsing Organization; he was here to snuff out the discrepancy.


      “Perhaps it isn’t you..” He vies, catching sight of the tiny figure arching in the doorway just a few yards behind her billowing skirt. “…but perhaps it is the one you harbor..?”

All was progressing so smoothly until Alucard mentioned one small entity that made Nagisa’s stomach drop. No. No please no. Not her child. Her cerulean hues darted to the boy in the doorway, confirming her new feelings of horror. She couldn’t let him get hurt, he was innocent as well, never experiencing the taste of human blood or killing a human. The draculina exhaled heavily, closing her eyes and composed herself again before locking eyes once again with the Nosferatu.

"I can promise you with everything I can possibly offer, that it is not my child. He may be a monster as I am but he has yet to taste even a drop of human blood…if you do not believe me then you may see for yourself."

Lucem could hear his mother speak, and even though she gave him orders to stay in the house he wanted to be by her. The wolfchild stepped out of he house, in full view of the Hellsing agent. A small child, not even up to his mothers knee. Coffee colored eyes untainted to the horrors of a monstrous nature. The wind picked up once again, carrying the boys scent over to where the two vampires stood. A smell of game and deep forest, animal blood and wild berries. Not a trace of human blood.

The little one looked at Alucard, locking eyes with this monster who towered over his mother. He was a shy boy, not uttering a greeting..but a nod instead.

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Mysteries Of Midnight’s Vale (Ai and Rei)



A human who could see spirits…how rare, troublesome and at the same time..interesting. Ai sat in silence listening to Rei’s tale unfold much like a child listening to a mysterious fairy tale. Crimson eyes narrowing slightly as a single thought passed through her mind. This human could be more troublesome than any of the previous ones who had come to seek the truth. Should Rei be present in the carrying out of a grievance she would witness everything…

Small doll like lips parted, and the voice that escaped them was cold and ominous much like the icy breeze that had been circling the two maidens during their odd discussion.

"It is said that life’s encounters are governed by fate…yet fate is made by mortals, not Gods…You forcibly seek to tangle your thread of destiny with a cursed flower…So tell me, curious soul…do you so strongly seek to know Hell?"

Without so much as a warning Ai grabbed Rei’s sleeve forcibly wrapping her arm around the girl’s waist. Her crimson orbs burning menacingly into the girl’s pink ones. The cold aura of the snow and the soft humming noise of human activity fading away around them as darkness gave away to twilight and neon lights to countless of blood red spider lilies swaying in the wind like women lamenting over the death of long forgotten lovers.

The Realm of Eternal Twilight~

Ai allowed the girl to take in her surroundings as she walked farther into the tall blooms of Hell, making her way to the small cottage she called home. Her voice seemed to be carried on the wind as she spoke to Rei again from the confines of the dark home.

"Do not fear you have not been damned…I will give you two things."

Ai stepped forth, turning to face a rather stunned Rei, her simple white kimono contrasting sharply against the orange and red light of the eternally setting sun. She knelt down hooking two fingers under Rei’s chin—forcing the young detective’s eyes to gaze directly into her own.

"An answer..and a warning…"

Ai slowly moved her hands away while rising from her crouching position and began to walk in the direction of the nearby stream, her eyes silently motioning for Rei to follow behind her.

"Then you may depart…if you find the way to do so that is."


Wind blew as Ai began to speak, Rei could have sworn she felt the wind enrapture her entire being. Constricting around her slender pale body as a giant snake would around its weaker prey. Finally when the words made it into her head Rei she realized that she may have bitten off more than she could chew. Did she wish to seek hell…well…no?

"Well, you see I said I just wanted a yes or no answer but I guess if yo-"

Rei was cut off before she could say another word, her arm was in the grip of the Hell Girl. Forced to look into her carmine eyes with her own startled pink hues. Only focused on Ai’s, unfearing, as if she knew what was going on, and reflecting inner serenity as the world around her shifted into a speeding portrait of glowing orbs and effervescent tones of amber and orange. The noise around her faded out in a blissful manor, as if she had fallen asleep where she stood and woke up in the dream world…a world of twilight..

"………." For a few moments she simply stared and looked around this world. She had seen portraits such as this in her grandmothers scrolls. It was..simply beautiful…the pond, the silence, the small Japanese cottage tucked snugly away in a blanket of wild grass. And of course, the investigator was captured by the blood red spider lilies, coupled with the rocks to line the outside of the pond. Was this a dream or..or was this the hell that the other had been talking about? If it was, this was looking pretty damn good. And pretty damn bad for every other religion that said hell had fire and agony and sulfur…or maybe this wasn’t really hell after all, so many questions. Oh so many. But now wasn’t the time for that. The soft voice of the ebony haired maiden snapped her out of her trance of weaving questions, nearly shivering by the surprise of the others cold slender fingers. An answer and a warning..well at least that promised she wouldn’t die sooner than she expected. She could only respond simply. "R-right.."

When Ai released her prisoner from her fingers Rei had to think for a moment. Why did this girl bring her here in the first place? Was it just to scare her into ceasing her investigation? Or maybe there was a deeper method behind this madness. Turning her head and watching the other walk to the stream, she couldn’t help but be charmed by her. She was so small and beautiful. A flower..yes, a cursed flower. That’s what she had called herself right? Well..even cursed flowers need a care taker in the garden. Catching the message she stood and followed Ai, standing over her by a few feet, she pinched herself to keep from smiling at how sweet Ai looked. Rei blinked a bit in confusion at Ai’s final statement to her. 

"If I can..? Well alright then. Do I have to find a way out immediately? I would like to stay here a little bit..maybe chat and sketch a little bit. Um, anyway, your answer and your warning, what are they?"

Rei’s voice did not carry any air of offensiveness or stupidity, rather genuine feelings. She wasn’t trying to sound stupid, even though it could have easily been perceived at stupidity the investigator only wanted to be more friendly than not…which she assumed the hell girl wasn’t used to with her line of work. Hopefully this wouldn’t backfire. Oh god she really hoped this wouldn’t backfire.

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Twas an odd night night about the castle. What little semblance of activity there was came only from the lord’s quarters. The sound of footsteps echoed throughout the Count’s chambers, and the rooms surrounding as the Lord of the Night paced about his room. It was rare that the Count retired to his personal quarters for anything other than what little rest he found necessary, and those who resided within the castle knew better than to disturb their Count when he closed himself off from the rest of the castle there.

Restless. Angry. What little patience he’d had left to deal with failure ran thin, as the past few nights had presented him with more problems than solutions. He’d grown tired of the incompetence of many of the lesser creatures of the castle, who time and time again had failed to repel the onslaught of intrusions he’d found himself dealing with. He’d no problem repelling invasions of would-be vampire slayers himself, (save of course for the Belmont Clan) yet having to do so night after night was rather tiresome, and it had left him with less time to tend to his other duties about the castle.

He dared not leave his quarters for the moment, for he had a feeling that he’d only hear more bad news upon doing so. 

Woe until the soul who dared check on their lord, or to the intruder who dared trespass now, for only a glass of his finest wine, or much unnecessary bloodshed would calm his nerves.

The scent of woe wafted thick in the dark halls of Dracula’s castle. It permitted even through the thick stone which built the castle. Through the halls of this lair walked a fellow vampire. A draculina paying the lord a visit with a gift that may lift his spirits. Looking around to see there were werewolves in the manor was comforting, at least in the way that her child was around his own race. Entering the throne room Nagisa saw the lord of the night, keeping her gift close and her child closer to her side she offered a small bow before addressing him.

"Good evening my lord.."

As she spoke, her little wolfchild hid behind her leg, holding on to her dress and peeking out to nervously look at the king of vampires.

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Kakarot brushed a hand against his neck, over the spot Rune had been sucking on, and was surprised to see it come away bloody. Rune was one of the few who could puncture Saiyan skin so easily, and one of the very few who could do so without him noticing. “….Think you got a little carried away there,” he smiled gently, rubbing away the redness between his fingers, “You were just trying to mark, not feed, weren’t you?”

((It has been! Where have you been? *glomps*))

"That’s alright…I know you had your reasons for being gone, but…I worried about you, every day. This tangible reassurance that you’re alright is soothing." He nuzzled against Rune’s shoulder gently and affectionately, holding him lightly around the waist.


"Of course, I was already intending to pamper you…and spoil you rotten. I was going to ask if you’d be willing to take it easy for awhile…both for your benefit, and for that of the child. Besides…I don’t want to be parted from you."

The Ketsudo looked up to his mate and gave a slight smile and a nod. "I promise you I will not leave your side until our child is born, as well as to lead a calmer life until then." Rune ran a soft slender hand through his mates hair, the silky blonde locks sliding in between his fingers were soft and silky. A lovely and familiar feeling that had seemed to escape him after months of solitude. Reminding him how much of a blessing it was to stay by Kakarot.




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